Writing for transparency

Words are one of the most important tools for building trust

The Problem

One of Google Search’s most important goals is transparency. Search results pages are filled with links from around the internet, ads, and Google features such as cards for related searches and related questions. For a user to be able to have trust in this information, there needs to be clarity about what it is, why they’re seeing it, and where it comes from. The ‘About this result’ feature is meant to accomplish this.



Google Search


Product teams, general public


Whenever a new feature is launched, the ATR copy needs to go through a writer’s review. Because again, words matter. As the reviewer, I had to take into consideration the consequence of every word. I ensured clear and straightforward language to convey trust.

The better the writing in this feature, the more control a user can have over their Search experience. The descriptions, factors, and tips should serve to teach them how to vet information, make informed choices, and decide what to trust.

I made sure the structure of the information complied with our guidelines. A consistent information architecture was necessary for full transparency.

I guided teams with suggestions and feedback, and gave final approval after we worked together on fine-tuning the copy.